Herder Stump Cutter

The stump cutter is suitable for grinding away tree trunks (stumps) and surface-growing roots. The Herder-Fermex stump cutter consists of a grinder wheel driven by a hydraulic motor. The powerful blades of the stump cutter cut the stump away so that a new tree can be planted where the old one used to be and the stump no longer forms an obstacle. The mobile stump cutter is highly maneuverable and can reach virtually any position.

Herder Stump Cutter Features:

  • Driven by a hydraulic motor.
  • Suitable for grinding away tree trunks (stumps) and surface-growing roots.
  • Suitable to use with any Herder machine.
Product Information
Herder Weed Brush Attachment
Required Volume Flow (l/min): 80 or 130
Max. Operating Pressure (bar): 350 Bar
Number of Required Double-Action Functions: 1
Diameter Cutting Wheel (mm): 550
Diameter Cutting Wheel with Teeth (mm): 640
Max. Speed (rpm): 1345

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