Energreen New Speed Cutting Head

Energreen NEW SPEED is a robust and reliable cutting head, ideal for cutting grass and shrub up to 8 cm in diameter. It’s available in 120 and 150 cm sizes.

The structural characteristic allows six different types of rotors (knives, hammers, multi-purpose knives Y, etc.) to be used/mounted, to work in different environments, from green maintenance to forest use. The rotors can be quickly replaced by one operator. The double direction of the rotation of the rotor with an additional application of the 180° rotating wheel (optional), allow to work in both directions, optimizing working times.

Product Information
Energreen New Speed Cutting Head Attachment
Max Width 1350 mm 1650 mm
Max Depth 800 mm 800 mm
Max Height 510 mm 510 mm
Working Width 1120 mm 1420 mm
Engine 44 cm3 / 350 bar 44 cm3 /350 bar
Transmission Belt Belt
Maximum Power 60/70 Hp (44/51,5 kW) 65/75 Hp (48/55 kW)
Rotor Diameter 128 mm 128 mm
Rotor Speed 3000 rpm 3000 rpm
No. Knives
Multipurpose + Straight
36 + 18 48 + 24
No. Hammers 20 24
No. Articulated Flails 54 27
Total Weight (standard) 252 kg 281 kg
Total Weight with Slewing Bearing (optional) 331 kg 400 kg

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