Tiger Extreme Duty Rear Flail Mower

Tiger's Extreme Duty Rear Flail is PTO powered and built to last. Tiger has designed the Extreme Duty Flails to handle those heavy mowing jobs that seem to confront us all. Do not get stuck with inferior equipment that breaks down or can not finish the job. Get a Tiger.


  • Boom Mower: Available as an interchangeable system to your side mounted mower.
  • Ditcher: 22" ditcher cleans out and restores natural water flow in the ditch.
  • Herbicide Applicator: Spray chamber attaches to flail and rotary cutter head. Virtually no drift spraying.
Product Information
Tiger Extreme Duty Rear Flail Mower


  • Cutter Width: 75", 90", 96", 102"
  • Cutter Height: 1/2" to +7"
  • Knife Swing Circumference: 58 1/2"
  • Cutter Head: 6"
  • Ground Roller: 8"
  • Knife Options: Standard (80 to 112), Smooth (40 to 56)
  • Minimum Horsepower Requirement: 45 Horsepower Tractor

Tiger Flail Mower

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