Bomford Controls

ICS – Intelligent Control System

Fully proportional fingertip control for the first and second arm, as well as head angling, slew and telescopic arm functions. LCD display for; hours worked, faults, error and warning messages. Allows operator to select individual ram speeds for each operation.

Bomford ICS Control System

EPPIII – Electrical Proportional Parallel Control

Electrical Proportional Parallel Control Fully proportional control of the first and second arms, with joystick functionality for all other services.

Bomford EPPIII Electrical Proportional Parllel Control

LPH – Low Pressure Hydraulics

Due to the low pressure control control the subsequent low force required to move the joystick means a reduction in operator fatigue and consequently higher potential output. Head angle, slew and telescopic functions are also controlled from the purpose built ergonomically designed joystick grip.

Bomford LPH Low Pressure Hydraulic Controls

Low Friction Cable Controls

Lever arm controls provide basic operation of first and second arm, along with head angling, and all other available functions depending on specification.

Bomford Low Friction Cable Controls

ICS EPPIII LPH Cable Control
Hawk Microklippa Kite Microklippa
Falcon B315 Kestrel E Kite
Buzzard Kestrel S Kestrel S Kestrel E
Heron Hawk Hawk Kestrel S
81-81 Falcon Falcon Falcon
Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard
Heron Heron Heron
B49, 54 & 58FM

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