Titan Leaf Pro Plus

Titan Leaf Pro Plus Features:

  • Dual safety interlock system on intake nozzle & belt guard.
  • DOT compliant lightning, markings and yellow flashers.
  • 14,000 lb 3" adjustable pintle eye with safety chains.
  • 74hp, tier 4, liquid-cooled diesel powered engine.
  • Manual jack, fire extinguisher, and wheel chocks.
  • 12 volt battery with electrical system.
  • 5 belt drive system with 30" fan.
  • 16" diameter pickup hose with 3 - function hydraulically controlled pickup arm.
  • Single function double acting electrical over hydraulic power unit to power control arm.
  • 50 gallon fuel tank.
Product Information
Titan Leaf Pro Plus
Weight 6200 lbs
Fuel Tank (Aluminum) 50 U.S. Gallons
Hydraulic Tank Only 7 U.S. Gallons
Engine 74 hp Tier 4,
Liquid-cooled Diesel Powered Engine
Collection Nozzle Right Side
Parking Jack Manual
Battery 12 Volt, 1190 Amp;
950 CCA
Axle 7,000 lb with Electric Brakes
Tires ST235/80R16, Load Range E
Fan 30" diameter
Belts (five) 5VX

Titan Leaf Pro Plus Options:

  • 99 h.p. Tier 4 John Deere® or 120 h.p. Tier 4 Kohler diesel engine.
  • Spare tire.
  • Dust control system (if equipped) 100 U.S. gallons.
  • Electric over hydraulic valve controls.
  • 32" diameter fan.
  • Proportional controls for collection nozzle.
  • Trans-fluid coupler in lieu of standard clutch.
  • Ride on seat / swivel caster wheel for jack.
  • Fixed or manual swivel discharge nozzle.
  • Wire pendent for walk-beside control.
  • Left - side collection nozzle build.
  • Wireless control box.
  • Hydraulic jack with swivel caster wheel.
  • Direct wired control into cab of truck.
  • Directional light bar / L.E.D. flashers.
  • Closed circuit camera system.

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