Votex B60 PTO Blower

The B60 looks like a B40, but due to the reinforced frame we were able to make the fan run faster. The result: 50% more capacity than a B40.

The B60 is a blower for tractors upward of 60 hp. With an incredibly hard airflow, this blower continues where others stop. Leaves, grass, sand and even stones are not safe for this blower. The B60 is extremely suitable for the cleaning of streets, paths and circuits.

The Votex B60. Power, efficiency, performance.

Votex B60 PTO Blower Features:

  • With reinforced frame to make the fan run faster: 50% more capacity than a B40.
  • Suitable for tractors starting from 60hp.
  • Turbine and housing of durable sheet steel.
  • Double sided open construction for maximum air intake.
  • Very compact.
  • Low weight of rotating parts prevents overcharging.
  • Available in several PTO speeds and directions.
  • Various air outlet options.
  • Suitable for front or rear mounting.
Product Information
Votex B60 PTO Blower
Specifications B60
Category I and II
Mounting Front or Rear
Min. PTO Power (kW/hp) 44.0/60.0
PTO Drive Shaft (rpm) 540/1000
Weight (kg) 278 kg
Dimensions LxWxH (cm) 130x96x120

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