Eddynet Rear-mounted Hydraulic Sweeper for 90hp Tractors

RTH32-08 / RTH32-09-02

Eddynet Standard Features:

Brush Drive

  • Requires, 24 GPM at 2000 PSI (190 LPM at 138 bar) for a recommended brush speed of 150 RPM.
  • Brush speed is controlled by the equipment engine speed.
  • Powered dual hydraulic orbital motors mounted to the core of the brush.
  • Third valve is required to operate the brush, a fourth valve is required to operate the hydraulic angle change and a fifth valve is required to open or close the upper.
  • Hydraulic hoses that supply the third valve of the equipment must be 3/4" (19 mm) inside diameter.


  • Choice of poly, wire or poly / wire bristles.

Hydraulic Angle Change

  • 2" diameter hydraulic cylinder.
  • Hydraulic hoses with quick coupler to hook up to the fourth valve (if available).

Open / Close Upper

  • 2 hydraulics cylinder 1 1/2" diameter to opening the upper 115° (without remove the upper).
  • Hydraulic hoses with quick coupler to hook up to the fourth valve.
  • .8 cubing yard.

Mechanical Components

  • Pressure to the ground is controlled by two springs.
  • Shock absorbers to reduce brush hopping.
  • The brush is mounted on two 1 3/4" (45 mm) diameter flange bearing.
  • Stopper to protect the shock absorber.
  • Anchor rings for handling and transportation.
  • Storage stands.
  • Level gauge for the floating feature.
  • Heavy duty motor safety guard(s).


  • 90% of the parts are laser cut for a good finish and design.
  • Cross member are heavy duty rectangular tubing.
  • 16 gauge steel hood covering 180° of the brush.
  • All main parts of the frame, including the hood, are bolted together for a quick replacement.
  • 1 1/2" (38 mm) diameter pivot axle for the angle device.


  • All parts are sandblasted individually.
  • One coat of epoxy primer and one polyurethane top coat.

On Mounted Sprinkler System

  • The purpose of the sprinkler system is to reduce airborne dust when sweeping.
  • 150 gallons water tank with support to be mounted directly on the sweeper for an easy storage.
  • 12 volt electric water pump.
  • Electric switch to start and stop the water pump.
  • Electric wire with quick plug for an easy storage of the broom.
  • 5 spray nozzles mounted into the hood for a direct watering of the brush.

Diverter Valve for Hydraulic Angle Change or Open / Close Upper

  • Needed to be able to supply the hydraulic angle cylinder or open / close the upper if only a third valve on equipment.
  • Electric switch to activate the valve with electric wire with quick plug for storage of the broom.
Eddynet Rear Mount Hydraulic Sweeper Attachment for Tractors.

Eddynet Sweeper Options:

Travel Spring Kit

  • The purpose of the travel springs is to absorb shocks cause by irregularities of the road when the broom is lift-up and the equipment is travelling at a high speed. They basically act as a ride control.


  • Prevent the brush from wearing out in a cone-shape way.
  • 18.5" diameter rear caster wheel.

Gutter Broom

  • The gutter broom with the manual diverter valve and flow control clean near to the side walk.

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